Friday, September 19, 2014

Challenge #2

Challenge #2 - BAM
Bridgie Myburgh

Hello girls and welcome to my challenge!

I posted a little message about the anniversary of my nephew's passing on my blog...
you can read it HERE

While I was writing this message, I realized that I don't often scrap about me? Of course I have some layouts of me with my family or friends but not alot of just ME!

Whether you scrap digitally, hybrid or the 'old' fashioned way, how often do you scrap 'Yourself'?
What have to you to leave your memories to your family, children, grandchildren and friends?

When I look back to when last I did something about me, it was 2 years ago that I did this layout..

We live in a world where the communication possibilities are endless.
It's up to us to use what we have and challenge ourselves to start creating a Book About Me
(BAM) Album so you can pass it down to your family, children, grandchildren and friends.

You have 2 weeks (me included!) to make as many pages about yourself as you can. 
Challenge deadline is October 2nd.

You can choose from any of the sketches on the Let's Scrap Blog.. you can find them here 
grouped in different years on the right side of the blog or you can create your own layout/s.

A small RAK will be sent to the winner of the challenge.

Good luck girls and remember... Don't leave them wishing they knew more about you.


  1. Bridgie, what an huge and great challenge ! Better get to work then...

  2. What an awesome challenge Bridgie!!!!

  3. Fantastic Challenge Bridgie! I try to remember but often fall's been at least a year for me so it's time to work on that :) thanks for the challenge prompt!

  4. Fab challenge Bridgie... I scrap myself a lot... perhaps because I didn't know much about my mother and I don't ever want my kids to feel that way. I do the good the bad and the ugly :D

  5. Awesome challenge Bridgie! And yes, I should scrap more about me. I better get some pics of myself...... So yes, I am in

  6. Well, I don't scrap much about myself. Perhaps I should do so. Thanks for the inspiration, Bridgie!

  7. This is truly a great challenge! While I do take pictures of myself, way too many of my feet in muck boots LOL!!, I don't scrap them nearly as much as I should.