Monday, September 1, 2014


Hello Everyone.

This is our first ever blog post on this site. We are going to be a SKETCH BLOG CHALLENGE with weekly sketches for DOUBLE LAYOUTS, SINGLE LAYOUTS, and CARDS.

The challenges will run from Wednesday morning to the following Tuesday night so have a full week to play along.

 I would like you to help me welcome our NEW DESIGN TEAM and they are.... 
in no particular order.

Chriss America Real
Michelle Looi
Susanna Granroth
Carol Burger
Bridgie Myburgh
Lori Apgar Johnson
Kristine Ponte

The Administrators are...

Cathy van de Bruinhorst
Mindi Goll Brown
Val Thorpe 
Debby de Wilde

I hope that you will join us and play along.


  1. Yah! It looks lovely here! So much fun starting new adventures in scrapbooking!!!! I know we will all have loads of fun on this new site!

  2. WhooooHooooo!!! Congratulations on the new site and big congrats to the new Design Team!! So excited about the new look for my favourite scrapbooking group! Can't wait to see the new Challenge today. Well done girls!!

  3. Congratulations to all you hardworking Ladies, the new Blog looks warm and cozy!! Congrats to all the new DT Members :-)

  4. Yayyyyy...I'm so excited you moved to a BLOG!!!!

  5. Well done...yes, this will be much easier...keep up the good work!!
    Much love....Elizna xxxx

  6. Very nice!.... I already love the new blog and am following it through Bloglovin"! Congratulations on this new chapter of Let's Scrap and congrats to the new Design Team, too!

    May I put in 2 requests, please? (only because I use these 2 items in the sidebars of blogs a lot, but I don't see them here yet).....

    1) a "Labels" list (which requires adding labels to each post for certain categories.... like Challenges, Card Sketches, Single Layout Sketches, Double Layout Sketches, etc.) and...

    2) a "Search this Blog" bar.

    I would appreciate your consideration of adding these! :)
    Thank you

    1. Paula thanks for your suggestions! I will get on those... Thanks and we look forward to seeing you play here!!
      ~Cathy ;0)

    2. Thanks so much for adding the "Labels" and Search Bar on the sidebar!! :)

    3. We laways like suggestions. Thnaks for letting us know!

  7. I like the new 'look' and I hope to participate more!

  8. Excited about your new blog! Good luck!

  9. Congratulations with the new blog! Congrats to the new DT. Loooking forward to following this in the future and to all the great sketches and challenges.

  10. Congratulations everybody! This is so exciting! :)

  11. Congratulations to all who played a part in moving the Let's Scrap website to it's new-and-improved blog format! I love it. Just joined as a follower, but, more importantly, signed up to follow by e-mail! It's the ONLY way I can remember to check blogs...there are just so many! Congratulations, too, to the Design Team! Seasoned players and new blood...such a great combination!

  12. Hope you have a successful time over here in your blog. Hard work to change over, but it all looks great!